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Dropping One Eyelid

There were times when he adored every inch of her he even noticed her way of secretly dropping one eyelid when she was too tired but she couldn’t, or didn’t want to, sleep yet. He asked her about it once, wether she did it because she was sleepy and trying to make one of her eyes sleep and letting the other awake. She nodded and was curious about how he guessed it correctly, and they laughed at that weird habit together. He would always know when she was getting lack of sleep because there would be rashes on her face. He loved holding her hand and rubbing her long hair softly when she fell asleep beside him while he was driving, and he would extend the car seat carefully whenever they stopped at a traffic light.

She accidentally met him at a park a couple of days ago. There was a festival that night, seemed like everybody in the town was there. He was with his new girlfriend who wore cheap clothes that looked like a car pin-up girl minus the bubble and wet chamois in the hand, or maybe it was just her disappointment talking in her head. She walked faster and grabbed her friend’s arm to move away. But at a point, she knew he watched her, the quick movement of his head showed that he was at first a bit shocked. After years, she was still knowing exactly the gaze of his gestures without looking, and the same thing was what made him turned at her in the middle of the crowd.

She thought about those little things along the days after, and tried to figure out how God was talking through moments.

4 comments on “Dropping One Eyelid

  1. Dallas
    Februari 21, 2013

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  2. Teppy
    April 7, 2013

    mak, ini cerita yeni ketumbaran samsara mantan, ya? #digibeng

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