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Christmas Night

You smelled like the summer sun

Warm, shining alone in the daylight

While I was the moon, cold in the night

Borrowing your beam to shine

You came in like a bird flew from the old chimney top

Carried by our teenage dreams and hope

You remind me of everything I’ve left behind

Trying to ignore how your rays burn

You see, time is clearly an illusion

All the years that had vanished and gone

Those paths we’d been through without each other

The desolations that once seemed to be over

Your fears. My insecurities.

Your pain. My desperation.

Your doubt. My gut.

Your anxiety. My insanity.

You pushed me to dig under my skin

Brought it all up and crushed my head in

I thought I have learned, I thought I was on the way

I thought I could make you stay

How I wished God was kind

How I wished you were the one

How I wished all our dreams were on track

How I wished you’ve never came back

Seeking for the truth that I have denied

Lies beneath the distant voice and tears

Struggling to differ fantasies and realities

And I couldn’t find you when they died

One day when God finally shows me the light

I will remember that Christmas night

When over and over I cried, “I’ve tried”

I know He knows my fight.

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