Any painkiller has side effects. Use with cautions.


Nindya Lubis, dr.

Perfect: [Sanskrit] Nindya

Elle: [French] woman; or pronounce of “L”


Nindya Lubis is a Medical Doctor graduated from Padjadjaran State University, Bandung, Indonesia in 2012. Worked as a general practitioner in Jakarta for over a year, she is now back in Bandung, currently rolled in ophthalmology residency program at Cicendo National Eye Hospital.

Also known as a freelance writer and social media planner, sharing her interests in traveling, classical ballet, music, art & cultures, anything she finds and gathers along the road on becoming a strong painkiller.

Believes the left brain aims to make a living, while the right brain makes the aim of living.


Reach me via



Twitter & Instagram: @perfectelle

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