Any painkiller has side effects. Use with cautions.


Influence for me is the particles released when you, consciously or unconsciously, react with a particular person you meet. The particles sent as a signal to the brain, either as a small or big part or as a catalisator, processed to be stored as an idea or to be an extended order to a movement.

The beautiful minds of these people have been building the great environment around mine.

The whom I respect, I admire, and I care about in life.

  1. Bayu Maitra
  2. Budi Warsito
  3. Valiant Budi Yogi
  4. Maradilla Syachridar
  5. Dimas Ario
  6. Hasief Ardiasyah
  7. Rahne Putri
  8. Indohoy
  9. Asmara ‘Miund’ Wreksono
  10. Stephany Josephine
  11. Kopi Keliling
  12. Jonathan End
  13. Alexander Thian

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